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Combo Ayesha Syahira : Being A Quran Tag Girl
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1. Ayesha Syahira - Being a Quran Tag Girl


Are you in love with your Quran?

Do you know that exhausting feeling of searching high and low for a true meaningful love and life purpose of this life?

“That was exactly how I feel about the Quran. I was so busy finding happiness and love to fill the emptiness in my heart. None worked. Until I found the Quran.”

Building a relationship with Quran cannot happen in one day. It will take years.

It will be a long journey of trying to fall in love with the Quran, but it will be worthwhile.


2. Ayesha Syahira - Aayah Of The Day


“Aayah of the Day” is a diary that will help grow your relationship with your Quran as you pen down your reflections of any aayah from the Quran that you read, listen, or study.

How to use AOTD?
-In Aayah of the Day, there are guidelines given on how to use it step by step.

Do I need to buy all 4?
-It comes in 4 special covers, and each diary can last up to 3 months of Quran-reflection activity. Collect all 4 and you will be all set to begin your Quran-reflection journey for 1 year!

Are the contents of each of the book different?
-The contents inside are all the same. The only different is the cover.
-The inspiration behind the 4 covers are taken from the 4 seasons that we know which are Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.

We all know about OOTD, QOTD, MOTD even BOTD, now let’s spread the good lessons that you obtained from your Quran reflections, with AOTD.

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