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The First Zikir Pillow in Asia by BabyPian and the First Audio Pillow that Recognise by Malaysian Book of Records & Ministry of Home Affairs of Malaysia


We are happy to assist more than 413,793 parents out there to solve their daily challenge with child especially :
– To get sleep tight & well
– To educate & memorise of Zikr, Selawat & Quran
– No longer reliable on any gadgets.


Suitable for all groups regardless of ages

Color: Blue, Pink
Length: 44 cm
Height: 24 cm
Width: 10 cm


Who needs to get a Zikir Pillow?
⦁ Children have difficulty sleeping.
⦁ Kids love to stick with gadgets.
⦁ Children do not know how to recite zikr and pray.
⦁ To expose islamic education lifestyle at an early phase.
⦁ To give extraordinary gift for newborn, toddler or for loved ones


✨ What’s in the Zikir Pillow Box?

We at Babypian are very concerned about the quality of content and premium pillows accompanied by the voices of Sufian Suhaimi and Ustaz Fakhrul (UNIC) especially for our loved ones.


● 7 Daily Prayer
❖ Study
❖ Parents
❖ Sleep
❖ Dhuha
❖ Eat
❖ Faith
❖ Wake up


● 11 Daily Zikir
❖ AlifBaTa
❖ Azan
❖ Ya Allah
❖ Astaghfirullah
❖ Bismillahillazi
❖ Hasbi Rabbi
❖ La ilaha illallah
❖ Subhanallah
❖ Thola’al Badrul
❖ Ya Latif
❖ Ya Zaljala


● 15 Surahs
❖ Surah Al-Fatihah
❖ Ayatul Kursi-Surah
❖ Surah An-Nas
❖ Surah Al-Falaq
❖ Surah Al-Ikhlas
❖ Surah Al-Masad
❖ Surah An-Nasr




Q1: Babypian Zikir Pillow Warranty
(A): 1 Month.


Q2 : I received a defective/broken Zikir Pillow. Where should I send the defect item?
(A): You can kindly send back the defect/broken item to us. There are no exchange for any broken items due to your own negligence.


Q3: How to return?
(A): Whatsapp admin 019 315 4995 for return/exchange details


Q4 : Battery Type
(A): 3A/2A batteries provided.


Q5 : How to Clean Zikir Pillow
(A): Spray with Febreze, Dettol or others. Recommended for Wipe only.


Q6 : Is it safe for kids?
(A): Very safe to use for all ages. From baby to adult. No need to charge, no radiation.


Q7 : Is there any manual book in a box?
(A): No. It’s easy to use. Kindly unzip the Zikir Pillow, switch to ON and ready to use! You can refer to the box for the list of dua, surah and zikir available.


Q8 : Can I skip the surah and dua?
(A): Yes.


Q9 : Is the high volume the same as a radio?
(A): Zikir Pillow’s volume is adjustable.There are low, medium and high volumes.


Q10 : How to change the battery?
(A): There is a zip behind the Zikir Pillow, unzip it and change the battery to the new one. You can use any brand of double A battery.


Q11 : What’s in the Zikir Pillow?
(A): Fluffy cotton.



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