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My Prophet Muhammad Busy Book
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From the publisher of The First Islamic Busy Book in Malaysia (Little Muslim Busy Book)
Now we bring you our second book titled “MY PROPHET MUHAMMAD BUSY BOOK”. Alhamdulillah! 

Note from the author:

Why did I write this book? 
Growing up, I learnt about the story of the Moon Splitting, but could not understand the concept. I thought it sound more like a myth  until recently, as an adult, I read this story again in detail. I had goosebumps and even cried, mashaAllah the moon really did split! Allah s.w.t. bestowed Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. with many miracles, just to prove that his status as a prophet, yet many people still denied it.   I started regretting the fact that I did not comprehend this miracle from an early age. Therefore, together with my team (consisting of several early childhood learning experts and Islamic scholars) we are continuously trying to develop many fun and interactive Islamic books for children to learn Islam while having fun.
As parents we have an important duty, an amanah, to raise our Muslim children fin accordance to Islamic teachings and to instill Tawheed in their young hearts by understanding that anything can happen with Allah’s permission- even the moon could split! MashaAllah..
I hope this busy book (and story book too) can be a ‘tool’ for parents to teach our children in an engaging and fun way! 
All activities and stories in this book come with the references from the Quran and authentic ahadeeth. It has been reviewed and approved by Islamic scholars, alhamdulillah
What you’ll receive:

  • A custom-made zipper bag
  • 32 pages busy book 
  • Puzzle pieces
  • A dry-erase marker
  • Cotton balls


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